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Behind the project..Colin Greenwood

The Art Work

Krishna in His Transcendental Form as Vishnu is an original stained glass artwork, conceived and executed in 2020, by Australian born artist Colin Greenwood.

The depiction of Krishna is near life size, standing majestically within a work 165cm tall and 71cm wide.

The design, cutting, grinding and painting was undertaken at the artist's studio in Puri, Odisha in the Bay of Bengal North Eastern India. Puri is one of only four Char Dham pilgrimage sites for Hindus and is the city where the 12th century Jagannath Temple is located. It is an ancient and revered cultural and religious center which continues to be recognized by the people and government of India today as a Heritage City.

The assembly and framing of Colin's masterpiece was completed at the studios of Australian Stained Glass Supplies in Camperdown NSW. The work is handsomely framed in Western red cedar.

The work is at once both powerful and sublime; it fuses Eastern spirituality within the Western form and tradition of stained glass. The original design unifies 470 individual glass segments, of which 400 are painted in specialized ceramic paint, kiln fired at 800 degrees Celsius. The glass was sourced form the USA and exhibits a delicate and harmonious interplay of different textures and translucence, combining pink water glass, five different yellow and gold Spectrum glasses, textured light blue Spectrum, opalescent orange, green and iridescent glass types.

The form and overall structure of the work is created through the use of five different grades of lead came, connecting the hand-crafted individually sculpted glass segments. The form conveys the idea of an energy field (prana) emanating from and surrounding its central subject.

The subject has not been previously realized in stained glass and is highly valuable, visionary and unique artwork. The artist has previously created several highly distinct works, involving Krishna as central subject, which can be viewed at the stunning new temple in Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan in North Western India or online at ISKCON




Colin Greenwood is an internationally recognized  Master Artist who has brought the techniques of  lead light glass window making, developed in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, and applied them to the styles and subjects comprising Hindu Temple art. It is remarkable and unique vision of two ancient cultures merging, and is the culmination of 45 years of creative expression using the medium of stained glass.

Born in Australia in 1954, and living in India since the mid 1990's, Colin was trained in traditional Indian Temple Art by Ramus Chandra Mariner, Master Artist at Puri's famous Jagannath 

Colin's work is found in private homes and temples in India, Australia and New Zealand.

Krishna in His Transcendental Form as Vishnu is a rare and exceptional work of the highest quality. It is a rare opportunity for a personal collector to obtain a virtuosic artwork that is normally only available as a result of direct commission.

For Sale  A$10,000 - enquiries to Colin Greenwood on 0423 646 890


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