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Newly published titles in the growing "Artist's Handbook" series are written for dedicated amateurs and can also be used and valued by professional artists. Each Artist's Handbook has a sturdy hardcover binding so that it can be taken out to the field for guidance or used in the studio. Hidden spiral bindings keep pages lying flat so that artists can refer to them while working with their materials. Each title supplements textual instruction with 400-to-600 color illustrations showing artwork in various stages of completion. Readers will also find information on artists' tools, techniques, color-mixing, creating special effects, and trouble-shooting to correct errors. The ancient art and craft of mosaics has become a popular modern medium for creating chic, stylish, and contemporary art objects and appointments for the home. This heavily illustrated and practical instruction guide shows how to create a wide array of beautiful things out of small pieces of colored glass, marble, ceramic, or stone. Readers will find detailed instructions for making a decorative floor panel, a Byzantine-style box, a geometric table top, and many other beautiful mosaic items. Hundreds of color diagrams and illustrations.

Mosaic Artists Handbook by Viv Foster

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