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Australian Stained Glass Supplies P/L.     (ASGS)                      
Terms and Conditions of Sale

Laminating Services



All quoted prices are ex ASGS, Camperdown warehouse, unless otherwise specifically stated, and are subject to alteration without notice. In the event of any increase in costs caused by circumstances beyond ASGS control, ASGS reserves the right to revise prices and charges for goods affected by the increase. All prices quoted exclude GST unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

While every effort will be made to meet customer order requirements, availability times are an indication only. ASGS will not be liable for any loss, penalty or injury resulting from the inability of ASGS to provide goods by the indicated time.

ASGS will be under no obligation to accept cancellations, amendments or return of goods to an order or part thereof supplied in good faith, correct as to the purchase order specifications.

The customer must check all sizes given on quotations and order forms. If directional textured glass is required, a written order including diagrams with sizes clearly indicating pattern direction is required.
ASGS will strive to produce pieces as accurately as possible, but due to the nature of glass processing a tolerance of 2mm is deemed acceptable.

The Customer shall examine the subject goods for any damage, defect or shortage, and notify ASGS of the same. The Customer will be deemed to have accepted the goods as being in accordance with its order unless it notifies the Company in writing of its claim within 2 days of the receipt of the goods. No return of the allegedly defective goods will be accepted by the Company unless it has been given prior written authorization for the return. All freight costs incurred in returning goods will be to the Customers account unless ASGS agrees to accept such costs.

Damages to ASGS product must be reported to ASGS, in writing, within 2 days of customers’ receipt of delivery. Time is of the essence. If the purchaser fails to notify ASGS within 2 days of delivery its claims shall be deemed waived. Damaged goods and packaging materials must be retained for inspection and shall not be returned without prior written consent of ASGS.

ASGS will not accept any risk for the final product usage for their glass. The onus is on the Customer to ensure any relevant building codes and safety requirements are met. We recommend that you consult a design professional for issues that may apply to your project such as: safety requirements, frame design, installation methods and local building codes. 

ASGS warrants its laminated glasses meet the requirements of Safety Glazing Standard AS 1288. 

All risk passes on to the Customer after acceptance of the goods. The onus is on the Customer to handle the goods in an appropriate manner to ensure all sizing is correct prior to installation.

ASGS warrants only to the original customer for a period of one year from the date of sale to the customer, that the glass supplied by ASGS will meet the customer's specifications in terms of thickness, dimension, and whether the glass is annealed non-safety or laminated.
This warranty does not cover glass scratches, abrasions, breakage, delamination or edge separation due to improper installation, cleaning or handling procedures, sealant incompatibility, or to design or engineering failure.

Due to the nature of glass, some projects attempted may not be possible to be completed in accordance with original design work. ASGS will inform the Customer if changes are required. ASGS will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer due to inability of ASGS to deliver goods if changes are not accepted.

The customer may be liable for costs incurred by ASGS if the design is altered or the order is cancelled after commencement of work.

The decorative rolled and handmade glasses offered by ASGS may exhibit occasional small bubbles and/or surface imperfections which are characteristic of the glass and not considered defects. Slight variations in color and pattern are also acceptable. This is not cause for rejection. If required, samples can be supplied to show an indication of the finished product. (A charge may apply). 

Natural colour variation may occur between pieces of glass and may be highlighted if painted, coloured or used in other situations. ASGS strives to use glass with the same properties for each project but cannot guarantee the consistency of each batch of glass.

Samples supplied will remain the property of ASGS unless stated on documentation supplied to the customer.

If ASGS is laminating the Customer’s own glass the Customer must ensure that the glass is clean and free from defects. If toughened glass is supplied by the customer, the customer must ensure that the toughened glass is produced to laminating quality being flat and true with minimal waves. An extra charge may occur if the glass requires extensive cleaning and/or defect repair work.

If ASGS is laminating the Customer’s own glass and the glass has a foreign coating applied to it, ASGS does not accept the risk of the lamination failing. If the lamination fails and the coating is the cause, the customer may still be charged for the laminating. Samples are recommended to be provided by the customer for testing.

If ASGS is using Customer’s own glass, all care and no responsibility is taken in the handling and manufacture of the final product.

For laminated panels it is advisable to have all edges fully framed. If this is not feasible then edges should be sealed to prevent possible edge delamination. ASGS accepts no responsibility should edge delamination occur.

ASGS accepts no responsibility for lamination failing if the Customer supplies their own glass. ASGS recommends that samples are provided by the Customer for testing, especially if non-clear float glass is used.

In the event of a failure of a glass product as a result of defects covered by this limited warranty, ASGS may supply a comparable product at no charge (FOB  Camperdown), or may, at its option, refund the original purchase price paid to ASGS for the product, prorated over the warranty period to reflect the time during which the product has been free of defect. If a comparable product is supplied, the warranty on the replacement shall be for the balance of the original warranty period. ASGS will endeavor to match the replacement products but can not guarantee exactly matching the original product in terms of color or appearance. The replacement of the product or, at the company's option, the refund of the original purchase price paid to ASGS for the product, shall be the Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy for any failure, including any failure resulting from negligence or breach of contract on the part of ASGS.

All information, including pricing and product availability, is subject to change without notice.

Placement of an order constitutes acceptance of all ASGS’ policies, terms and conditions. Under no circumstances will ASGS, its officers, affiliates, subsidiaries or employees be liable for damages of any kind arising from the misuse of any ASGS Product.

Under no circumstances will ASGS be liable for any amount in excess of the price paid by customer for the purchase of ASGS products.




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