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Copper Foil 305x305mm Sheet .  .025mm thickness ,with adhesive backing

Noble Copper Foil 305x305mm Sheet

SKU: 1626
  • Information
    Copper Foil Technique:
    Purpose: Copper foil is used to wrap the edges of glass pieces before soldering them together.
    Application: Once the glass pieces are wrapped in foil, they are soldered along the foiled edges, creating a sturdy bond.
    Advantages: The copper foil technique is perfect for beginners because it’s easier to get started with and works well for most stained-glass projects.
    Choosing the Right Copper Foil: Width: Knowing which size copper foil to use is essential. Aim for the copper foil overlap on the glass to be between .80mm and 1.60mm”. For most standard copper foil-stained glass pieces, 5mm– 6mm foil works well.
    Emphasizing Areas: You can vary the line thickness by using wider foil or copper sheet around specific areas in your design. For instance, if you have an owl in a tree, use wider foil around the owl to create a thicker line and draw attention to it.
    Copper Foiling Thick Glass: Sometimes you encounter very thick glass pieces. In such cases, use wider copper foil or copper sheet. If you don’t have wider foil readily available, wrap overlapping foil around the edge of the glass until it’s properly covered.
    Storing Copper Foil: To prolong the life of your foil, consider:
    Using a Ziplock bag or similar to keep it airtight

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