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Introducing the Symphony Ring Mottle a breathtaking masterpiece that will elevate your space to a whole new level. Inspired by the grandeur of a symphony, this Vision Art Glass creation is a harmonious fusion of colors, meticulously blended to create a mesmerizing work of art within each sheet of glass. With its large scale orchestral feel, this mottled glass evokes a symphony of visual sensations, like movements in a musical composition. Immerse yourself in its opulent white base, adorned with captivating shades that dance together, resulting in a variegated, multi-colored swirl of pure enchantment. The Symphony Ring Mottle - where art and music unite in perfect harmony.

Symphony Ring Mottle 235x260mm 3/4mm

  • Mottle Glass: These glasses are designed for "cold" processes such as stained glass and mosaics. Artists use ring mottles to create the impression of dappled sunlight on petals, leaves, grass, or water.

    The mottle patterning develops in manufacturing. It is heat work sensitive and changes when fired.

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